Kevin Collins: Less fighting, more wisdom

Thursday, September 16, 2021

With the November elections coming up, why is everything a “fight” in Amherst? Why do people think their job is to “fight”?

We hire the best people in the state (if not in the country) to give us the best advice,and then we fight over it. Why don’t we just take that good advice (that we paid for) and skip the fighting? We already lost millions in a schools override election that the voters accepted but Town Meeting chose to overturn by refusing to authorize the bond issue for the override that the already voters approved (like if Congress refused to ratify the results of the presidential election last Jan. 6). Costing us millions and millions, for many years to come.

For what? Just to “fight”?

Why do we even want candidates who will “fight”? How about candidates with wisdom? With the wisdom to seek out the best advice and then follow it? Consensus is merely the most expensive way. Most expensive, that is, except for “fighting.”

Wisdom is much less expensive. How about let’s choose wisdom, for a change. Vote for wisdom, fighting is way too expensive.

Kevin Collins