Michael Chernoff: Library would be a perfect spot for literacy program

Thursday, September 23, 2021

One significant benefit of an expanded Jones Library is the ability to offer services to portions of the local population who are often underserved.

I am a board member of The Literacy Project, which provides literacy and numeracy education for adults at five sites, including Amherst. We would love to have our Amherst site housed at the Jones. It’s an extremely convenient location for our students. It would offer dedicated classroom space, which we currently do not have in Amherst.

Plus, what better place for an adult literacy program than a library? An expanded Jones would afford that capability, and we have been told that the expansion would allow this to happen.

The library project offers Amherst the chance to provide accessibility and convenience to a wider and more diverse array of people. It offers a more inclusive set of services for our citizens. It enhances the town center as a focal point for a broader population, people of all ages, of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, and of varying educational levels.

Let’s put our votes where our hearts are and vote “Yes” in the November referendum in support of the expanded and renovated Jones Library.

Michael Chernoff