Nadine Gallo: Throw the conspiracy theories out with the trash

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

I grew up in the Heights (NYC) and attended parochial school where science education wasn’t deep but religious education was intense. I attended a Catholic high school in uptown Manhattan, run by a strict Italian order of nuns. One of them was my chemistry teacher. She was also my English teacher and the principal of Mother Cabrini High School.

I thought I knew something about science until I moved on to UMass while raising my four children — botany, zoology, geology and geography were required at that time. Teachers were required to know something about science to teach fourth grade. I eagerly taught hands-on science to the kids in South Hadley and Easthampton.

I’m wondering now if the rest of the country is bothering to teach science in our schools in Texas, Florida, Tennessee and similar places where conspiracies seem to have taken hold of people’s minds. Conspiracy theories are not based on information or facts as we know them. They are wild guesses and usually wrong. Anyone can make them up to suit themselves.

There are no Nobel Prizes for conspiracy theories because there’s no factual basis for them. Since I was raised on religious dogma, I know it when I see it. I have not seen as many miracles as I’ve read about. I’ve never seen a real life conspiracy theory but I’ve heard about them. Maybe it’s time for a federal program to educate kids in the nation’s schools about the facts of science and let the churches take care of the spiritual benefits of religion.

Let’s throw the conspiracy theories out with the trash. Maybe our hospitals and schools will benefit.

Nadine Gallo