Paul Kaplan: Overrule Amherst’s town manager

Thursday, June 16, 2022

I am writing in support of the Amherst School Committee’s efforts to restore elementary school arts and technology teachers to full-time positions.

The budget proposed by the town manager and approved by the Finance Committee would necessitate reducing these positions from five days to four days. As a retired music educator, I have firsthand experience of what happens when days are reduced.

The schools will definitely lose staff. A 20% pay cut is just not bearable for most professionals. These are people who are experienced educators, most of whom have developed yearslong relationships with every child in the school. And of course, the arts integration that would be lost with the fifth day would diminish the richness of our students’ education.

The members of the Town Council have the ability to override the town manager’s recommendation. I strongly urge them to do so. Our children deserve it.

Paul Kaplan