Peter Greenwald: Column defensive justification of buildings

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The May 21 guest column, “Why so much hate for these buildings?,” by Nick Grabbe, is more a defensive justification for the buildings than an even-handed reflection of citizens concerns.

The biggest complaint by some Amherst residents, and one not mentioned in Grabbe’s essay, is why the same development company, Archipelago Investments, has been allowed to construct these new apartment buildings with insufficient parking and without standard property setback distances.

Who of our town authorities saw fit to repeatedly grant waivers to Archipelago? And why? Those are the unanswered questions which we, citizens of Amherst, deserve answers.

One more thing. Grabbe’s claim that people in town don’t like students is false. Most longtime residents (I first moved to Amherst more than 40 years ago) have no problem with most students, just as they have no problem with most other residents. No one who dislikes college students stays long in Amherst.

Peter Greenwald