Rebecca Fricke: Vote ‘Yes’

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Vote “Yes” for the Jones Library because you support renovating the building so people who are pushing strollers, moving in wheelchairs, walking with walkers, or holding hands with a toddler, can get to all areas of the library.

Vote “Yes” because you believe the Jones should have a teen space where our high schoolers can feel safe and creative while surrounded by books.

Vote “Yes” because you support larger classrooms for people who want to learn English and for people who want to improve their reading and writing skills.

Vote “Yes” because you think the library’s reference room should accommodate more people and more computers.

Vote “Yes” so we can have more space for children to enjoy the programming the librarians work so hard to organize.

Vote “Yes” because you would like our library to be an energy efficient building.

Vote “Yes” because it will cost less to renovate and expand the building than to fix the insufficient library we have.

Join me. Vote “Yes.”

Rebecca Fricke