Rita K. Burke: The Amherst BID’s toxic behavior

Thursday, November 11, 2021

I found interesting a recent article in which the Amherst BID expressed its concern with “recent negative campaign rhetoric.”

For a quick moment I thought that the organization was about to apologize for the unprofessional if not slanderous language publicly posted recently by the BID director. Here is just one example from two weeks ago: “The saddest part of The Indy and vote no links remains the lies, disinformation and blatant demand to stay ignorant. Just because you put it in a blog post or get it printed on a (very biased) site doesn’t make it true, if it did my “keto Oreo diet” and “tequila is a pro biotic” blog would be a hit. The saddest thing about this entire upcoming election is that fear and lies are the tools being used.”

Sadly, this toxic behavior by their director was not the focus of the article. The BID would benefit by cleaning its own mouth before putting soap to another’s.

Rita K. Burke