Bob Groves: Running water and the Shutesbury Library

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Two recent pieces about the Shutesbury Library recently ran in the Bulletin; one, an op-ed by Kate Cell, the other an article by Scott Merzbach.

Both cited the refrain: “Shutesbury Library has no running water.” During the last library go round in 2012, I, a member of the Town Buildings Committee, and others pointed out that the Spears Library could obtain running water and sewer with very little trouble and modest expense. There are two wells on the Town Common. There is also a septic system downhill across Leverett Road behind Town Hall.

Recently, the library director asked the Town Buildings Committee to investigate the replacement of the existing composting toilet with a flush toilet and sink. The composting toilet was installed per request of the library trustees. I have no doubt that providing water and sewer to that building would be supported by town committees and taxpayers. Why has it taken so long to ask?

Bob Groves