Shel Horowitz: Excited to vote for 4 candidates in Hadley

Thursday, May 05, 2022

The May 17 Hadley election is a great opportunity to get four skilled, experienced, and dedicated community members who will truly represent the town’s best interests by representing all of us who live here. Please join me in voting for Molly Keegan and Randy Izer for Select Board, Kirk Whatley for Moderator, and Toni Lyn Morelli for School Committee.

Keegan, a former Select Board, Finance Committee and School Committee member and past president of a local Chamber of Commerce, and Izer, the current moderator and former member with me of the Long-Range Plan Implementation Committee, are both fiscally and socially responsible. They will stand up for fairness, ethics, solid finances, and the things that make Hadley so special.

Whatley (whose personal politics are far from mine) was moderator for several years, and was always fair and impartial. Morelli brings expertise in two of the most challenging issues facing school districts today: the environment and social justice.

I would be excited to vote for such great candidates in any year. I’m especially excited this year, because Hadley desperately needs “regime change.” The current Select Board chair and the three other members who keep enabling him have turned the Hadley Select Board into an unresponsive, anti-democratic fiefdom that repeatedly attacks our hard-working volunteers and even employees and undermines due process. He has gone after the Conservation Commission, Board of Health and the Senior Center administrator, among others. Only one current Select Board member stands up to him.

Please vote May 17 for these four highly qualified people who care deeply about our town and who will take seriously their responsibility to represent all of Hadley.

Shel Horowitz