Steve Bloom: ‘Pettiness is not a good look’

Thursday, August 04, 2022

I read of John Varner’s ordeal in trying to volunteer to fill one of the many vacancies on Amherst’s boards and committees with dismay and astonishment. (July 29, “Misrepresented zoning views sank appointment”)

A single opportunity in the thick of summer to be interviewed? Two hours of debate spread out over two meetings of our council? This is not Roe v. Wade or a lifetime sinecure on the Supreme Court at stake. Mr. Varner was applying for a one-year term to a small town’s Zoning Board of Appeal and as an alternate, for pity’s sake. His qualifications weren’t questioned, just, inexplicably, his character and good name.

Honestly, was it worth all the time and teeth-gnashing? Those on the Town Council who voted against Mr. Varner’s appointment simply because his opinions didn’t align with their agendas need to get a sense of perspective. Pettiness is not a good look, folks.

Steve Bloom