Eleanor Rasche and Macey Pariseau: 6th graders: Act to protect our forests

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

We are part of a sixth grade class at Fort River Elementary School in Amherst. As kids, we really care about the issues of climate change because if it isn’t resolved it will permanently affect our future.

There’s one piece of climate change that we are especially passionate about — deforestation. To begin resolving this issue, we’ve chosen two specific bills that we want passed, HD.3197 — An Act to Increase Protection of Wildlife Management Areas, and HD.2871 — An Act Relative to Forest Protection.

HD.3197’s main goal is for 30% of the land under the control of The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife into nature reserves by 2030. HD.2871 will make many changes to old policies regarding forests and wildlife because of the significant rise in the issue of climate change.

We know many people in Massachusetts care about trees, since for some people it’s one of the reasons they live here. If trees continue to be cut down, many of the trails that we enjoy will cease to exist. It would also mean less homes for animals, and we are already dealing with mass extinctions around the globe.

Our class is already working very hard to make this happen, and hope that our leaders in the state Legislature will support these bills. Forests are a staple of the Massachusetts landscape, which is why we need to work together to protect them.

Eleanor Rasche

Macey Pariseau


The writers are sixth grade students in teacher Tim Austin’s class at Fort River Elementary.