Viraphanh Douangmany Cage: Support candidates who speak the truth

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Support candidates who speak the truth

I continue to engage my supporters with “Yes” signs to do the research on why the Jones Library demolition, renovation and expansion construction project cost is among the highest in the state ($36.3M).

And why this may not be the route to go for library-loving people (myself included) who also care about the planet and funding critical social services, first responder staffing, our schools, not to mention other competing town capital projects that will be shouldered by taxpayers for 20-30 years to come.

I look up to the Jones from the side of the central firehouse situated in downtown and I get incensed that our town hasn’t done a good job prioritizing capital projects to push through reigning in cost and carbon footprint.

Support candidates who speak the truth and won’t play with people’s emotions about places that we all care about.

Douangmany Cage


The writer is a candidate for Amherst Town Council, at-large.