Michael E. Williamson: All electric car owners deserve rebates

  • jacoblund jacoblund

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Our governor does not understand cars and has offered financial incentives for electric car owners. Here is what he has missed. A fully electric car can drive about 250 miles until it requires recharging. That requires a special and expensive charging station and eight hours. A hybrid plug in like my RAV 4 can drive up to 50 miles on battery alone. Which covers all of my local driving. I can recharge from a normal 110 outlet overnight. On the highway I can drive 600 miles on a 14 gallon tank of gasoline. That is an average of 49 miles per gallon and I do not require a special and costly recharge station. Any 110 outlet will do it. I believe hybrid cars deserve the rebates our governor has offered to all electric car owners.

Michael E. Williamson