Tom McBride: Disgusted with the distribution of money 

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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Thanks for Gazette reporter Scott Merzbach’s terrific Amherst reporting. The man must be working overtime. The article that caught my attention this time was the Nov. 21 report on a proposed historic district. I think that’s a terrific idea. Because it is an idea that will beautify Amherst and cost little or no money to the town or state.

Compared to the Community Preservation Act (CPA), an act that I hate with a vengeance, signed on by a Republican governor in I believe the year 2000. Money from the CPA can be used for about any purpose in a town or city. But I question the motives of those who created it. Money is just not handed to every community (which it should be). The municipality must first provide money, and then, and only then, will they get money. This is a truly regressive entity. Wealthier communities get money from the state and the rest get nothing. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The divide between communities becomes ever greater.

And progressive communities like Amherst should be disgusted by this. But they are not. Communities like Amherst have their hands outstretched for the money instead of writing their state representatives arguing that money be distributed equally to every municipality.

Tom McBride