Mary Crotty Sharma: Grateful for guest column on Jones Library 

  • Patrons enter the Jones Library in Amherst on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021. FILE PHOTO

Thursday, December 08, 2022

I am writing to thank Jeff Lee for the informative guest column “Unpublished Jones space plan proposes alternatives to costly expansion,” (Nov. 25). He wrote about a 2015 report that was recently disclosed that was written regarding recommendations for redesign and reconfiguration of space designs for the Jones Library as it currently exists. It was written by Anna Popp, a consultant with the Massachusetts Library Association. The report found that there are many ways to maximize and update the space usage in the Jones that can bring it up to needed standards without investing $50 million. I am a huge fan of the Jones, have been for 30 years. But since the explosion of the cost due to the desire to have a “state of the art” public library which keeps stalling the ability to reach consensus and the economic impact of the pandemic on our town, I have to think there must be a “Plan B.” I do believe that there are spaces that are not currently being used efficiently. And the lack of maintenance and upkeep in the entry spaces to the library have become quite shabby. Perhaps this 2015 report recommendations and thinking creatively/differently could get us out of this stalemate.

Mary Crotty Sharma