Michael Hutton-Woodland: Roe v. Wade marks 50 years 

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Thursday, February 02, 2023
Roe v. Wade marks 50 years 

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023, marks the 50th anniversary of the consequential decision by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade to protect the constitutional right to abortion for all pregnant people.

As readers probably are aware, during this past summer the current U.S. Supreme Court eradicated that constitutional right from women and other pregnant people. Across the United States, we are witnessing the devastating consequences of this recent decision already.

In fact, in 17 states pregnant people are no longer able to access this reproductive health care. Some pregnant people are having to travel incredible distances to get an abortion elsewhere, costing time, hardship and expense. In some cases pregnant people who desire an abortion are being forced to continue their pregnancy. At times this may endanger the life of the pregnant person.

This burden is falling disproportionately on the poor, and on people of color, exacerbating an already existing health disparity. We are fortunate in Massachusetts that the right to abortion is still protected, as is access to full reproductive health care.

Abortion care is still safe, legal and accessible in our state. We can thank advocates, visionary legislators, our current and former governors, and health care administrators for securing these rights and access in our state. We must also do what we can to return those rights and full access to all people across the country.

Michael Hutton-Woodland