Linda Hillenbrand: UMass job scene

Published: 03-16-2023 7:20 PM

UMass wants to privatize more than 100 jobs. Imagine having to reapply to a job you’ve had for 20 years. As a 29-plus year employee at UMass and witness to the anti-union sentiment for all those years, I can confidently state that if it took 20 years to shift these foundation jobs, it’s just union-busting and why now?

For years, UMass used to be where everyone wanted to work. During these pandemic times, UMass either refuses to fill or can’t fill open staff positions. The president’s office has made a mess of centralizing finance and is poised to centralize our jobs even more. Ask any staff (or faculty) why they can’t fill open positions. Morale is very low and we all feel threatened now. If there was not a problem, why would they need to participate in a job fair?

Linda Hillenbrand



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