Katherine Pipczynski: Slow down and observe rules of the road


Wednesday, May 03, 2023

I have been thinking of writing this letter for quite some time, but after traveling down Route 9 in Hadley the other day, I felt compelled to write about fellow drivers. I am talking about drivers merging into traffic. When I was learning to drive, I was taught to “yield the right of way.”

What has happened to this law of the road? Very seldom do people do this anymore. It is especially troublesome when others are merging onto a busy highway, such as the Mass Pike or I-91. It is almost like a game of “cat and mouse” for some, as they are aware there are cars already on the highway, yet they feel compelled to beat these cars to get onto the road. I would like to suggest that people slow down; observe the rules of the road and wait for their turn to get onto the highway. This could avoid cars being sideswiped and worse yet, a chain reaction accident as I have seen drivers having to slam on their brakes for these impatient folks.

Katherine Pipczynski