Marisa Catalina Casey: Response to column on Amherst election

Friday, October 12, 2018
Response to column on Amherst election

In his Sept. 28 column (“Making the most of the vote”) establishing the guidelines for acceptable voting in the upcoming Town Council election, Jim Oldham singled out Andy Steinberg and Alisa Brewer as “risky” candidates due to their relatively long history of serving the town through the Select Board and other Town committees.

This is a curious argument. As voters who are actively weighing the attributes we are hoping we will see in our new Town Council, we have spoken to many friends about this issue in particular, and we agree: we need a Council made up of a balanced mix of experienced veterans and fresh new voices.

In fact, that is the spirit in which we are writing today – two voters of different ages, from different backgrounds, who bring different experiences and perspectives to conversations about the issues facing Amherst. Where Mr. Oldham sees “accumulation of power,” we see dedicated citizens who have contributed their time in service to our town for years, and have surely learned a lot over those years. We desperately need that type of knowledge and insight on our new Town Council, working alongside newer voices with different perspectives, particularly as we transition to our new model of government.

Marisa Catalina Casey
Irv Rhodes