Terry Mollner: Proud to live in Shutesbury

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

At our Shutesbury special Town Meeting on Sept. 5, we had to vote on whether or not to put some money from the state into free cash flow or reduce taxes. Someone suggested we have a vote by ballot so “people would not know how their neighbor voted” to reduce potential for discomfort among neighbors.

It was voted down in favor of all of us, sitting 6 feet apart on the grass behind the town hall, raising our yellow cards to vote in view of everyone else. We decided in our town to be done with the polarization in this nation right now and be comfortable giving priority to respecting each other’s opinion.

Our town has been suffering the pain years ago of extreme polarization in the many votes necessary to decide to accept money from the state to assist us to build a library. Even Oprah talked about our two tied votes.

Partly, I am sure to model both more mature behavior for each other and our nation, we gave priority to mutual respect over polarization. I am proud to be a citizen of Shutesbury.

Terry Mollner