Jeep hits Wolfie’s Restaurant in South Deerfield; OUI arrest follows

  • The interior wall of Wolfie’s restaurant was damaged when a car backed into the building. Deerfield Police photo

  • A Montague woman has been charged with driving under the influence and backing her car into Wolfie's restaurant in South Deerfield on Monday. Deerfield Police Department photo

For the Bulletin
Thursday, August 24, 2017

SOUTH DEERFIELD — Police say a Montague woman was charged with driving under the influence after backing her Jeep Liberty into the side of Wolfie’s Restaurant on South Main Street.

Laurie J. Hines, 52, of Sunderland Road in Montague was arrested at 8:49 p.m. Aug. 14 and charged with operating under the influence, failing to signal and wear a seatbelt.

Despite the incident happening in South Deerfield, Montague police arrested Hines, who had driven away from Wolfie’s and headed toward her home on Aug. 14. The Deerfield Police Facebook page says that Hines almost crashed into the police cruiser that was waiting at her residence. A Deerfield officer compared the building damage to that of the Jeep’s broken tail light and found it matched. There was also wood consistent with the damage to the building’s exterior.

Deerfield Police spokesman and officer Adam Sokoloski said he was happy that the person who witnessed the accident called the police right away. Deerfield police were able to send out a be-on-the-lookout for the Jeep Liberty, since they had the plates. The impact by Hines’ Jeep resulted in damage to the wall at a booth in the restaurant, where no one was sitting at the time.

“Just glad no one was hurt,” said Wolfie’s owner Bill Wolfram. He said there was about $7,000 of damage but the restaurant is staying open.