Nancy Haver: Retailer cites Mindy Domb’s inspiring advocacy

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Retailer cites Mindy Domb’s advocacy

I feel incredibly fortunate regarding our Democratic primary on Sept. 4.

We have the opportunity to change our world for the better at the state and local level. As a retailer in downtown Amherst, I’ve had the chance over two decades to get to know Mindy Domb — an inspiring and tireless advocate of education, renewable energy, single-payer health care, reproductive rights and human rights — who is someone I’m proud to call my friend.

As anyone who’s worked in retail can attest, it provides the chance to see aspects of a person that may not be revealed in other settings. I can honestly say I have not witnessed a more consistently caring, thorough, generous, clear and engaged individual.

It is obvious that Domb does whatever she says she will do, and then some. She communicates what she needs from people, is interested in what they have to say, and inspires them to do more. She will never be discouraged from working toward change.

Year after year, I’ve witnessed evidence of Domb’s utter devotion to and tireless giving to her family and friends, and to her work — both as an educator of staff in homeless shelters and jails and as the executive director of the Amherst Survival Center. I am thrilled that I’ll have the chance to help elect her as our next state representative of the 3rd Hampshire District.

Nancy Haver


The writer is co-owner of Collective Copies on South Pleasant Street in Amherst.