The Lehrer Report for Aug. 4, 2017


Thursday, August 03, 2017

Garden report: I picked two cucumbers. The eggplant have succumbed to something. The blossoms have fallen off and the leaves are lace. I planted sugar snap peas for a September harvest.

* * *

Carol and Bob Biagi sent a postcard of the Casa Bini, the villa they rented in Tuscany. It’s big surrounded by trees and a pool is in the backyard. The couple were in Italy with their children, Damian, Gia and Tara, and five grandchildren, who had a chance to explore their Tuscan roots and see Florence and Pisa. “A most memorable vacation for all,” they wrote.

* * *

The Rev. John Smegal, pastor of St. Brigid’s, where I am a parishioner, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood Sunday, Aug. 6.

Chris Nelson who serves on the Anniversary Committee wrote, “The festivities will begin at 10:30 a.m. with Mass celebrated by Bishops Rozanski and McDonnell in gratitude for Father Smegal’s years of service — the last 15 have been at Saint Brigid. There will be a reception immediately after Mass in the Parish Center and the outside gardens under a tent.”

An issue in town over the years has been limited parking downtown. Yet there is a proposal to reduce, at times, the number of spots available with the installation of “park lets” in parking spaces with seating, tables and artificial turf. Meaning no disrespect to the people who developed the idea, the thought of eating in a parking lot isn’t that appealing to me.

* * *

When I retired, I said I was going to clear the garage and basement. I am now fulfilling that comment a few years later. Found in the garage so far: Tupperware popsicle makers, four golf balls and two badminton rackets, plus plain garbage, such as dried paint brushes. The golf balls are up for grabs.

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