The Lehrer Report for Nov. 10, 2017


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Veterans Day greetings to all our friends and neighbors. Thank you to all those who serve or have served in the military.

* * *

Thanks to all the folks who shared the sentence that describes how to remember which way to change clocks twice a year. However, it doesn’t work for me because I believe you can spring forward and backward. I also believe you can fall forward and backward. The challenge of changing the time is with the clock in the car. I read the manual and it took many, many attempts, even following directions.

* * *

I saw several folks who told me about their travels and said I could share the news despite their not sending me a postcard. They all agreed they should have.

Barry Del Casilho, retired Amherst Town Manager, went to Australia to visit family. He was north of Sydney in a town I can’t pronounce.

Bob Ritchie of Amherst, former Town Counsel and somewhat-retired attorney, went to Niagara Falls with a grandchild. He was also an assistant attorney general.

Kent Faerber of Amherst went to Berlin with wife, Scottie, and several long time friends.

* * *

Martha Hanner of Amherst recommends Rent-a-Rower. She said two members of the UMass Men’s Rowing Team spread four cubic yards of mulch in two hours. She wrote in an email that the rowing team is not a varsity sport so members have to raise funds to support their program. For information call Aaron Benjamin at 718-697-0154 or email: aaronbenjami@umass.edu.

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