Paul E. Peelle: Word lookup from the department of numismatics


Thursday, January 03, 2019

I was chatting with one of my jogging buddies (we go very slowly and thus converse a lot) and describing different aspects of coins — I shamelessly proselytize educating others about numismatics. I used the word “galvano,” and he asked me the definition. I said I would look it up to get its official definition (even though I explained what I thought it was).

When I got home, the hard-copy dictionary did not have it (nor the usual online one). I checked a “red book” and found nothing — that is where I learned most of my vocabulary when I was young, along with the traditional Webster dictionary (which I use regularly). I decided to try the numismatic dictionary at the Newman Numismatic Portal — I was shocked that, when I put “galvano” into the word search, it responded “search term not found.” I was nonplused, but I persevered. I looked at the words listed under “G”, and there it was!

I was self-righteously pleased that my understanding of the term was accurate. I must have figured it out from its etymology and context, seeing that word repeatedly as I read numismatic articles in, of course, “Coin World.”

Paul E. Peelle