Griesemer handily wins another term as Amherst council president

Staff Writer
Monday, January 11, 2021

AMHERST — Lynn Griesemer will continue to lead the inaugural Amherst Town Council for a third consecutive year.

In a contested election to serve as president of the council, Griesemer was easily chosen over Vice President Mandi Jo Hanneke at Monday’s council meeting.

Griesemer received 12 votes, all but Hanneke’s own vote, to remain in the position she has held since the council was first seated in December 2018.

District 3 Councilor George Ryan said both Griesemer and Hanneke would make excellent presidents, but he supported Griesemer because of the difficult decisions the council is expected to make in 2021, many related to municipal building projects.

“This is one of the few council votes where you can’t lose,” Ryan said of the vote for president.

Griesemer said even though she is honored to continue in the role, she believes Hanneke will be the council’s president in the future.

“There will be a time when she leads this council, and I look forward to that time,” Griesemer said.

Hanneke, an at-large councilor who only put her name in the running for president, will be succeeded ias vice president by District 4 Councilor Evan Ross.

Ross won eight of the council’s 13 votes over District 1 Councilor Cathy Schoen for the vposition.

Ross, at 33, observed that he is the youngest councilor and less than half the age of a majority of the council.

In a statement after the meeting, Ross wrote, “My election sends a message to our community that our council values young people, renters and working folks, and that we elevate their experiences and perspectives.”