Colleen McGrath 
Advertising Sales Manager 



Michael Templeton
Digital Sales Manager

No stronger reach

Gazette print and online products, including the Amherst Bulletin, are the dominant advertising media in Hampshire County. 

Classified Advertising

Look to the Gazette and Amherst Bulletin classified sections in print and online when you have something to buy or sell. It's also where to find the largest listing of local jobs and local automotive and real estate advertising.

Placing a classified ad:

Display Advertising

Display or retail ads are the bordered/boxed ads that run throughout the newspaper. They tell you what's new, what's on sale, and where you can find the products and services you need.

Placing a display ad:

You, your group, or your business organization can place a display ad by calling 413-585-5286. Our display advertising department is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. The deadline for placing an ad is 11 a.m. two working days before publication, but an extra day or two is very helpful to us.

Designing your ad:

The cost of your ad includes the services of our design department. E-mail us at sales@gazettenet.com or phone 413-585-5286 with the information you would like to publish. We will create the ad for you.

We can also help you design preprinted sheets or multi-page circulars for insertion into newspapers or for bulk distribution. Download our display advertising rate card here (note that Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer is needed to view the rate card).

Online Advertising

We have a variety of online advertising opportunities to reach all of Hampshire County and beyond.