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Where does the GazetteNET content come from?

Most of our content comes from our newspaper. We also publish special online content such as photo galleries and multimedia features.

How far back do the GazetteNET archives go?

We only promise a two-week retrospective. Our archival service managed by NewsBank can search articles back to 1996.

How does the GazetteNET subscription service work?

There are many sections of GazetteNET that are free to users. Local news sections, however, require users to have a subscription. Home delivery subscribers to the Gazette print edition also get online access. There is also an online only subscription fee.

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How do I get the information that is not published online?

Buy a paper! Come in to one of our offices and buy a back issue. Go to the Forbes Library in Northampton and view micro films (there may be lag time for current issues). Contact the librarian in our Northampton office. She may be able to assist some information requests.

Can I copy an article from GazetteNET to my web site?

Yes, but we do require that you fill out our GazetteNET Copyright Notice and Release Request Form and comply with the requirements of the agreement.

When do you update the news on GazetteNET?

Breaking news is posted throughout the day as news happens. We generally aim to post the top news and features stories from our print edition by 9 p.m. the prior evening. Sports results are typically posted to our blogs as soon as we have those, and full sports stories are published as they become available.

When do you update the entertainment pages?

Our main entertainment page is updated daily except Sunday; our online calendar is updated daily.

Where are the Obituaries?

You can find the obituaries posted on the home page every day that we have obituaries to publish in the paper. You find them under a heading titled "Obituaries." You can also locate them under the "News" tab at the top of all our pages.

Where is the Graduation Announcement form?

The Graduation Announcement form is here .

Where is the Engagement Announcement form?

You can find the Engagement Announcement form here .

Where is the Wedding Announcement form?

The Wedding Announcement form is located here .

Where is the Baby Announcement form?

If you wish to submit a Baby Announcement, you can do so here .

Where is the Friends and Neighbors form?

The form for submitting an announcement to Friends and Neighbors is here .

Where is the Hampshire Life Calendar form?

If you wish to submit an announcement to the Hampshire Life Calendar, you may do so here .

Where is the Classified Ad Submission form?

The form for placing a classified ad in the The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Amherst Bulletin and online is here .

Why can't I find a help wanted ad that I saw yesterday online today?

We publish one day of classified ads online at a time. There is no archive.

Are all of the classified ads printed in the paper available online?

Display ads are located throughout the site with all our stories and our classified ads can be found in our classified section.