Chris Rollins: South Amherst Common street signs are confusing

Thursday, October 17, 2019

As a South Amherst resident, I’m concerned about the recent appearance of what I feel are inaccurate and confusing street signs by the South Amherst Common.

At the intersection of Middle and Shays streets, there are a pair of signs indicating that what I assume are the northernmost section of Middle Street and the easternmost section of Shays Street are South East Street. If that were true, then what is the street in front of Munson Library, the address of which is 1046 South East St.?

Perhaps this is a deliberate attempt to confuse already baffled out of towners, but I feel the configuration of the streets in and around “Fiddler’s Green” is already odd enough without erecting deceptive signage.

Chris Rollins