Ron and Louise Grosslein: Vote Darcy DuMont

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Vote Darcy DuMont

We have been members of an environmental action group for many years, initially hoping to prevent climate change, and more recently trying to mitigate its effects.

About five years ago, Darcy DuMont joined our group. I knew she had retired recently, and that she was now volunteering full-time, working against climate change at the state level. I was a little nervous that she would blow into our group, asking for radical action that we might or might not be prepared to give. I was completely wrong. Darcy joined our group, listened to us, and made good suggestions. She does her homework, and gets the facts right. That is not surprising, since she has worked as a lawyer. She is friendly, respectful and clear. That is also not surprising, since she worked successfully in the Holyoke School system as a teacher for 17 years. She cares deeply about equity among people and about doing whatever we can to ensure we have a healthy planet to pass on to our children and grandchildren. She extremely well-qualified to help our town find ways to move forward sustainably, reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Darcy has not served in Amherst town government before. She is not part of the more established group that plays a large role in our town. She questions the wisdom of building many large buildings in the northern part of the town center. I’m guessing this might make some people nervous about voting for her, or about being on Town Council with her. My experience with her leads me to expect that she might ask tough questions, and that those questions need to be asked and answered. I think she would participate in those conversations effectively and constructively. I think we need new ideas in our town, and people who know how to listen to different opinions, weigh the arguments, and find a way to move toward together. I believe Darcy will bring those skills to Town Council, as a District 5 representative.

Please vote for Darcy in the upcoming town election!

Ron and Louise Grosslein