Sarah Goff: Supports positive change in Amherst government

Thursday, February 01, 2018
Supports positive government change

I have lived in Amherst for 11 years and, despite trying, I still can’t quite figure out how to have a meaningful voice in town government here.

As a member of a two-working-parent family with two young children, I can’t necessarily make it to Town Meeting regularly, and it seems that my presence there might have limited impact even if I could.

The more I talk to people in town, the more I find that I am far from alone in this feeling. A year-round government staffed by accountable representatives would be better able to make well thought-out decisions that enable more voices to be heard in the decision-making process. It would also allow for better long-term planning and financial strategizing.

I am hopeful that voters will look to the recent demonstration of what can be accomplished by exercising our right to vote when we want to make change and come out in March to support this positive change.

Sarah Goff