Brian Scully: ‘Are kids only worth half an adult?’

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

I have a child in the Amherst school system and I keep reading in the newspaper and online talk of “3 feet of space” between children at the schools, something that the state’s Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley seems to have come up with.

It is six feet between human beings for safe social distancing to avoid the deadly coronavirus. That is the standard set by scientists and doctors who are not political appointees — six feet. Why on Earth would anyone think that we would accept anything less than that for our children? Are kids only worth half of an adult? Is that the thinking?

I wonder if the children were of voting age if they might be getting the full six feet distancing for protection. Please do not allow some political appointee to dictate to our town how to protect our children with less than is being required for adults. With such a laudable history of fighting for social justice, I can only hope that Amherst will be out there fighting for justice for our children, who seem to be getting second-class treatment by this state commissioner, when it comes to their lives and safety in our schools.

Brian Scully