Storage buildings OK’d for 5 & 10 in Deerfield

  • 247 Greenfield Road in Deerfield.

For the Bulletin
Thursday, August 24, 2017

DEERFIELD — If all goes according to plan, Ideal Moving and Storage, which owns a self-storage behind the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, will open a second location on Routes 5 and 10.

Four large storage buildings, housing about 300 storage units, and a 2,400-square-foot two-story clapboard office out front 247 Greenfield Road were approved Aug. 14 by the Planning Board.

To make room, builders have expressed intent to destroy a few buildings and a replica lighthouse currently on the 3-acre. According to town records, the current building was built in 1921 and is assessed at $170,400. The whole property is worth $311,400.

Ideal Moving and Storage’s Hadley facility, which opened in 1994, has 600 storage units. Owner Brent Banas previously expressed intent to break ground by fall.

Contingent to approval, in extreme winter conditions, the facility must remove snow from the property instead of piling it near the back.

A few people from the public raised concerns about water runoff. Since a Public Hearing opened in July, the project’s engineer revised plans, among other things substituting larger stone in the driveway to improve runoff.

“That’s what we were talking about last time, it’s going to let a lot more water through,” said Engineering Consultant Sara Campbell, hired to review the plans. The stone, which is about a quarter-inch, won’t pack together.

The buildings, constructed on sand and gravel, will decrease runoff. Campbell said, “anything that’s brought in is going to be more pervious than what’s already there.”

Noting concerns, the Planning Board asked abutters to let them know if they’re affected in the future.

Member Henry “Kip” Komosa introduced a motion to accept the plans and approve a stormwater runoff permit. It was unanimously approved.