Stephen Schreiber: Look at voting records

Thursday, November 01, 2018
Look at voting records

The October 25 Bulletin had useful information about the upcoming Town Council election. I was particularly struck by this comment about a recent candidates forum: “Jacqueline Maidana, of District 4, said affordable housing has to always be kept at the forefront. …She said she worries about … buildings in town center that don’t have affordability requirements.”

It’s useful to look at Ms. Maidana’s voting record on Town Meeting.

In Spring 2015, Town Meeting passed the affordable housing property tax credit, which offers an incentive to developers to create affordable units. The vote was 117-66. Ms. Maidana voted “no.”

In Spring 2018, Town Meeting passed the inclusionary zoning bylaw, which requires large new housing developments to include affordable units. The vote was 156-19, the strongest support for a zoning by-law in many years. Ms. Maidana voted “no.”

I am proud to have voted “yes” on both of these by-laws. I urge District 4 residents to support candidates who are actually putting affordable housing on the forefront.

Steve Schreiber

Candidate for Town Council,
District 4