Ellen Story: Urges voters to retain incumbents on ‘no drama’ committee

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Before I represented Amherst, Pelham and Granby in the State House I was a member of the Amherst Regional School Committee, so I’ve always been interested in what they do. This Nov. 5, all five seats are up for a vote, with seven candidates running, including the four current members. I hope all four are voted back in.

This committee has been one of the most responsive, positive, no-drama school committees in memory. We’re lucky to have them. Effective public servants are a precious resource, particularly in light of the turmoil and dysfunction that we see in Washington.

For example, it was a treat to see such a successful rollout of the new elementary school dual-language program. When it came time for a large-scale public conversation about how to address our deteriorating elementary school buildings, this committee managed the process admirably. They have a list of strong accomplishments, from expanding the restorative justice program at the middle and high schools to working in harmony with our state representatives to protect public school funding. Please join me in voting for all four of these capable, dedicated volunteers who have served Amherst so well: Peter Demling Allison McDonald, Eric Nakajima, and Kerry Spitzer.

Ellen Story