Hadley Select Board’s plans for Board of Health ill-advised


Thursday, November 12, 2020
Hadley Select Board’s plans for Board of Health ill-advised

I am writing to voice my concern about the Hadley Select Board’s plans for the town’s Board of Health. At our upcoming Town Meeting, the Select Board wants town approval to change the BOH to an appointed, rather than an elected, board.

I believe this proposal is ill-advised. With our current system with an elected BOH, candidates share their plans and priorities with the voters and we decide who best can keep Hadley healthy. An appointed board will not be sharing this information with the electorate, and future BOH members will be answerable to the Select Board rather than the voters of Hadley.

I am equally concerned that voters are being asked to make this decision at an in-person, indoor Town Meeting. Given the risks of COVID and the high number of seniors on the Hadley voting rolls, the Select Board is forcing voters to risk attending the meeting or to forfeit their vote. The Select Board should drop this proposal, or at the very least postpone the decision until in-person meetings are safer.

Kenneth Talan