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Friday, March 01, 2019

I had the good fortune to attend the Springfield Symphony concert Saturday and hear the Youth Orchestra perform. Students from Amherst included Amanda Dee, Rohini Narayanan, Tim Demling, Maggie Ryan, Ruthie Weinbaum and Noah Ferris. All are at the high school except Noah, who attends Fort River.

Some of these students will be in the pit for the Amherst Regional High School musical, “Tuck Everlasting,” that will be performed March 7-9. Order tickets by calling the high school office.

* * *

The party to celebrate Town Meeting at the Munson Library Sunday was like a reunion seeing so many friends. The total years of Town Meeting membership would number beyond a thousand.

Billie Callahan, Janet Chevan , Alice Swift and Lewis Mainzer each served over 40 years. Apologies if I missed anyone else who served over 40 years. I couldn’t see everybody from where I was sitting.

Former Select Board members as well as some current councilors attended.

Musician Paul Kaplan sang “Amherst is the Number One Town,” which he composed for our 250th Anniversary. On a map the outline of Amherst resembles the number one.

The food was great. Dessert included cookies and candy besides a giant cake.

* * *

Katja Oxman of Amherst has five aquatints on display at the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, West Virginia.

The exhibit, “Patterns of Inspiration,” features rugs of various world cultures. Her works include patterned textiles on which various objects are displayed. The exhibit runs until April 7.

* * *

March begins Friday. Mardi Gras is Tuesday, followed by Ash Wednesday. St. Patrick’s Day (known as Evacuation Day in Boston to provide a legal holiday) is the 17th and spring begins March 20. The time to plant gets nearer every day.

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