New Pride station in Hadley to have electric vehicle ‘supercharger’

  • Construction at the site of a new Pride store and gas station at the corner of Bay Road and Russell Street in Hadley. GAZETTE FILE PHOTO

Staff Writer
Thursday, November 16, 2017

HADLEY — A Tesla electric car charging station could be installed at the Pride gas station and convenience store under construction on Route 9 near the Coolidge Bridge.

Tesla representative David Tanner told the Planning Board Tuesday that the company intends to place a supercharger for a dozen vehicles at the site bounded by Russell Street, Bay Road and Old Bay Road.

“This station will accommodate 12 cars charging simultaneously,” Tanner said.

The plan also includes putting in four universal chargers for two additional spaces.

Tanner said there likely isn’t yet significant demand from people who own Tesla vehicles, but the number of electric cars on the road will continue to grow.

“We’re projecting displacement of conventional vehicles by electric vehicles over time, and we’re building for it now,” Tanner said.

The supercharger will get a Tesla vehicle from 20 percent power to 80 percent power in about 40 minutes, he said.

Hadley planners told Tanner that the town’s zoning, which requires twice as much area for parking as for buildings, will limit the ability to dedicate spaces to electric vehicles, without changes to the approved site plans.

Tanner said just four spaces will be reserved for electric-only vehicles, with the other 10 spaces able to be used by conventional vehicles that are not charging.

Eventually, Tanner anticipates that the growing number of electric vehicles will free up space on the site as the number of fuel pumps is reduced with demand for gas-powered vehicles.

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