The Lehrer Report: Jan. 22, 2021

Monday, January 25, 2021

It’s Super Bowl time and the Fiddler’s Pantry at the South Amherst Congregational Church has a takeout menu for the day. Chili, with meat or without, pulled pork, corn bread, pickles and blueberry crisp are ready for pickup Jan. 23 from noon until 4 p.m. The items are frozen, so they can be reheated the next day (not the pickles).

Jeff Bohne, South Church moderator, sent me an email with photos of the food. There are other items such as jam as well. Check the website. To order, call 253-2977.


It’s now three weeks into January and I have yet to receive income tax material. Without fail Jan. 2, there were those booklets in the mailbox. The Jones Library had stacks of tax information. My concern is with the library closed, where will ***

Some of my friends said they have received their $600 stimulus checks. I have not received mine. I checked my bank account since the checks are deposited directly ***

Mark Oxman of Amherst sent me links to two art museums that feature works by his wife, Katja.

“With Spring Rain” is at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and depicts a vase of peonies on a cloth in front of a window. The aquatint was used in an article about Saturday Studio. The author asked whether it was a still life, a portrait or a landscape and did an analysis of the work.

The other, “An Acre for a Bird to Choose,” features birds on a vividly colored rug with other objects and is at the Boise Art Museum. Various artworks were featured in the museum publication noting the ways art can be viewed such as line, form, color, etc.

They are stunning to look at and enjoy.

You can visit the museums, websites to see the art works.


The brick house on the corner of Snell and Route 9 looks absolutely naked with every tree and shrub gone on the property. It’s an excellent example of the positive difference of plantings.


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