Kathleen Traphagen: Center for Extended Care doing a great job

  • Employees of the Center For Extended Care at Amherst talks to police officers who were called in response to a small group of protesters in front of the center on Monday, May 11. gazette file photo

Thursday, May 21, 2020

This past Mother’s Day was probably the hardest my four sisters and I have had, because we were unable to touch and hug and talk to my mother, who is a resident at the Center for Extended Care in Amherst.

Any brightness came from the knowledge that she is well cared for by the extraordinarily dedicated staff and administrators at the center. As we all know, this pandemic has ravaged nursing homes across the world.

The Amherst center’s vigilance kept the virus out for seven weeks until unfortunately, and perhaps inevitably, they found positive cases a few weeks ago. Of course, I can only speak to my family’s experience, but we have witnessed the staff react by going above and beyond in this impossibly challenging time.

They have arranged for weekly visits through the window, they have tried to help families keep in touch with their loved ones through phone and FaceTime, they have kept us up to date with what they are finding. They continue to perform a job that even under normal circumstances most of us could not do, and they are doing it with love and compassion.

Regarding reporter Scott Merzbach’s article about another family’s recent protest at the center (“Protesters target nursing home over virus response,” May 15 Bulletin), I can empathize with this family’s worry, but I am sorry that on top of everything else, the staff at the center have had to deal with this. A deep thank you to the everyone at the Center for Extended Care at Amherst for everything you do every day.

Kathleen Traphagen