Friday, October 12, 2018
Challenged school roof

Congratulations to Crocker Farm students for meeting their reading challenge and sending their principal to the school rooftop. The Gazette’s Sept. 25 photo of Principal Shea on the roof provided a striking visual reminder to many Fort River Elementary parents that were we to send our own Ms. Chamberlain to the roof, it may well collapse.

If you need more substantive proof that the Wildwood and Fort River buildings have already reached an alarming state of failure, please take a few moments to view last week’s footage of a line of teachers speaking to the school committee about the unacceptable conditions they face in these schools. Their harrowing stories aren’t the result of a maintenance problem — they’re symptoms of deeper infrastructure challenges.

Even better: Amherst voters, keep that image of Principal Shea’s roof dance in mind when you go to cast your vote for Town Council candidates this November. Whether or not they supported the school building project is the single best determination we have on their ability to connect the dots on the big issues in this town.

Bennett Hazlip

Father of two Fort River students