Jim Newman: PETA campaign ‘shameful and dangerous’

Published: 03-02-2023 9:13 PM

PETA’s campaigns targeting individual scientists are both shameful and dangerous. Imagine opening the paper one day to see a full-page ad that targets you personally by name. Now imagine spotting that ad after months and months of harassment by a well-funded group, a campaign that has resulted in hate mail, threats and naturally, safety concerns. This is the reality faced by a University of Massachusetts Amherst researcher, a scientist who has dedicated her career to combating disease and helping patients. Despite those worthy goals, she has drawn the ire of PETA because she, along with tens of thousands of highly respected researchers around the globe, must study animals to obtain critical data that leads to new cures and treatments.

PETA has deep pockets. It’s no secret. But does having millions in the bank give someone the right to turn a community paper into one big wanted poster that causes private citizens to fear for their safety? We certainly don’t think so. And we think most readers likely agree. The next time PETA comes calling, we urge the Daily Hampshire Gazette to prioritize citizen safety over ad sales.

Jim Newman, Americans for Medical Progress

Washington, D.C.


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