Bernadette Jones: One million children’s lives at risk

Monday, November 22, 2021

While we in the U.S. may be experiencing higher prices for certain items and unsure of getting the gifts we want for the holidays, the situation in Afghanistan is horrific. The United Nations reports that as many as one million children may die this winter because of starvation or the cold.

Many aid organizations have withdrawn from Afghanistan. Developed countries have frozen assets in the banks to prevent the Taliban government from getting hold of them.

But the U.S. and other western governments can get aid in by sending it through organizations such as UNICEF which has been working in Afghanistan for 70 years.

The U.S. experience in Afghanistan has left many folks tired and disillusioned. Yet because of our involvement there we have a moral obligation to help. Yes, we are trying to take in refugees and find them homes here. But there are 39 million people in Afghanistan. We cannot leave them without support.

While contributions to organizations such as UNICEF are helpful, more importantly we should insist our government take on this responsibility now. Please contact your representative and senators.

Bernadette Jones