Caroline Sunuwar: Keep striving

Monday, November 22, 2021

From the coastal regions of New England to the tropics of South America and the deserts of Africa, environmental advocates from every part of the world shared their stories for the need to conserve our environment in this climate crisis.

CNN’s first ever Call to Earth Day utilizes the power of the media to broadcast such groups’ support for divestment from fossil fuels. Various groups can be unified in a consolidated effort to tell our unique stories such as the need to break away from single use plastic, engage in tree planting efforts, to using 100% renewable energy.

All these efforts and initiatives are valuable as we transition our world into one where we can all survive and thrive.

Whether it was trudging across campus in the windy November afternoon collecting trash while completing a brand audit, holding a photo petition event, or signing a banner supporting the 100% Clean Act, MASSPIRG students took full advantage of CNN’s Call to Earth Day. These simple yet meaningful activities helped make corporations accountable for their unsustainable practices, provide evidence to legislators of the students’ support for 100% renewable energy as well as educate the campus community regarding the climate crisis.

Ultimately, we cannot stand idle as our home collapses. Every action to mitigate greenhouse emissions — whether big or small — will get us closer to the sustainable future that we all desire. So, let us keep striving.

Caroline Sunuwar