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Given the controversy over social justice activist Calvin Terrell's middle school assemblies here should the schools continue to work with him?

If you're interested in learning more or getting involved in the campaign, feel free to e-mail me at, or check out...(full comment)

ARHS alum campaigns for carbon tax

Social Centric Institute? This man has no such institute. He has no corporate entity named Social Centric Training and Consulting registered with the...(full comment)

Amherst College, schools link for student mentoring sessions focused on racial issues

Scott Merzbach’s use of the word “expected,” as in "The property… is expected to be sold … to Landmark to make way...(full comment)

Amherst Conservation Commission begins review of The Retreat project with wetlands survey

Store, college, developers lauded for historic preservation

AMHERST — A Cushman business, Amherst College and developers of an Amherst neighborhood are being recognized for protecting the town’s history. The Amherst Historical Commission this week presented …

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Good news: I can now use a key chain again. My Saturn was one of the many recalled for an ignition switch default. The letter said remove all keys chains …