Happy Fathers Day to all the men who look after children.* *'*Garden report: I harvested my first radishes. There are blossoms on some tomato plants. I relocated volunteer dill and tomato that appeared. The morning glory self seeds and there are a few that came back.* *'* Paul Peele of Amherst sent me the following email. It's great and unedited."I thought you might enjoy learning that I had my 50 year reunion at Swarthmore College last weekend. Not only have I attended every reunion since 1947 (when I was in utero), but for the ten special class reunions I was chairperson. At the big dinner Saturday (1 June) night, unbeknownst to me, my classmates acknowledged by efforts with a lifetime achievement award, represented by a extraordinary printing of the Alma Mater. Unfortunately, my wife missed the standing ovation by going to the restroom during those few minutes. Oh, well."*'* * Linda Marston of Amherst sent me the following email. "I reported less than two years ago that I had achieved my 12 Gallon Pin — now I’ve made it to 13 Gallons of blood (eight more pints) donated to the American Red Cross. My husband (Dennis Bromery) and I usually donate together, then celebrate by going out to dinner. Our favorite places to donate in Amherst are UMass and the South Congregational Church."As you recall in last week's column I mentioned the South Church Drive that Jeanne Esposito of South Amherst coordinates Thanks to all who donate blood, it is the gift of life.*'* *Nancy Eddy of Amherst sent me a postcard of camels in front of pyramids from Egypt. Yes she did take a camel ride and has pictures to prove it. She said it was a fabulous trip. She climbed into the Great Pyramid and took a small boat up the Nile.Elisa Campbell of Amherst sent a card with lots of views of Vienna. She also visited Salzburg and Prague on the Road's Scholar "Great Composers of Europe " trip. Beautiful cities, great music, she wrote.* * * Bonnie Isman of Amherst sent an email reminding me that tickets for the Amherst Historical Society Garden tour "Heart and Soul" go on sale sale June 12 at A.J. Hastings, the Hadley Garden Center, Andrews Greenhouse, the website and at the Amherst History Museum during open hours. Advance ticket prices for the June 29 tour are $20 for general public and $15 for members. Bonnie said six houses that have never been seen are on the tour along with the new medicinal herb beds at the museum.Send items for the Lehrer Report to:phyllehrer@gmail.com


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