Amherst police rescue dog in icy marsh

  • The rescue of the dog Lula in progress on New Year’s Day. AMHERST POLICE DEPARTMENT


Monday, January 11, 2021

AMHERST — A small dog named Lula was safely rescued from an icy marsh adjacent to the Norwottuck Rail Trail in South Amherst on New Year’s Day.

Amherst Police Officers Jessica Damon and Molly Farber were summoned by callers at around 11 a.m. on the bike path to the trailhead off Station Road, where the loose dog was observed in the Lawrence Swamp. The dog was refusing to get out of the reeds and grass in the area despite voice commands. 

The officers, using a snare, were able to wade out to the dog and compel her back to the bike path.

While they were on the scene, the owner reported Lula missing and arrived to be reunited with the unharmed pet.

The Police Department shared details of the rescue on its Facebook page: “Thank you to all involved for making this a successful and happy ending.”