Around Amherst: Tribute banner erected, bog bridges planned

Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

AMHERST — A youth-led organization based in Amherst that supports gender equality and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment recently put up a banner at a Northampton church paying tribute to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Generation Ratify Amherst’s banner, “May RBG’s memory be a revolution – Enact the Equal Rights Amendment,” is now displayed at First Churches in Northampton as part of a national banner drop.

Lucia Russek-Clegg, one of 11 members who organized the display, wrote in an email that the event brought out members of the state and federal legislative delegation.

“It is outrageous that our generation has to fight for our fundamental human rights to be guaranteed regardless of gender, and that the United States has not accepted the basic fact that everyone should be equal under the law,” Russek-Vlegg said. “So many gender equality activists have died without seeing justice.”

The Generation Ratify Amherst chapter was founded by Marisol Pierce Bonifaz in May. She leads the chapter with Edy Savage.

The chapter currently has 14 active members working on projects such as education about gender equality, and urging citizens to vote in this general election.

Bog bridges

New bog bridges are being planned for installation at the Katharine Cole and Podick conservation areas in Amherst and land in Hadley owned by the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

Conservation Works, a company founded by former Amherst conservation director Peter Westover, will be handling the work and both the Amherst and Hadley conservation commissions are being asked to approve the project.

Westover told the Hadley Select Board that the goal is to repair some of the wet sections of trail by putting narrow bog bridges in the wettest spots and limit damage caused by people compacting and trampling on the soil.

The bridges will extend 570 linear feet and will be located on a woods trail that has existed for at least 40 years.

Amherst featured

Old Friends Farm, Antonio’s Pizza, the Amherst Mobile Food Market and the Inn on Boltwood were among sites highlighted this week on the WCVB Chronicle newsmagazine program hosted by Amherst native Shayna Seymour.

The 30-minute program, “Main Street and Back Roads of Amherst,” was broadcast by the Boston television station on the eve of the presidential election, taking viewers through both natural landscapes, including hiking trails and the Summit House in Hadley, to downtown Amherst and getting input from Amherst Business Improvement District Executive Director Gabrielle Gould.

Also featured in interviews with Seymour were retired high school principal Gaylord Saulsberry and English teacher Jan Saulsberry, and Seymour’s swimming coach, Jim O’Donnell.

Woman’s Club talk

Amherst Senior Services Director Mary Beth Ogulewicz and Patricia Rector of the town’s Council on Aging will be giving a talk via Zoom to the Amherst Woman’s Club at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Titled “Redefining Women’s Elderhood: The Rising Spiral of Reflection and Action,” club members will be able to participate in a discussion live. The event will later be posted on the woman’s club website at amherstwomansclub.org.

Veterans Day

Stores can open regular hours on Veterans Day, based on a blanket permit issued by Police Chief Scott Livingstone.

The blanket permit comes under provision of state law.