Toni Cunningham: Teacher appreciation

  • Wildwood School, Amherst

Friday, May 17, 2019
Teacher appreciation

Wildwood Elementary School’s Parent and Guardian Organization (PGO) showed some love and appreciation to the fabulous teachers and staff last Friday afternoon as Teacher Appreciation Week drew to a close. The “WootWoot Wagon” rolled into the school, loaded up with elusive classroom supplies like disinfectant wipes, tissues and dry-erase markers, along with sweet treats generously donated by Henion Bakery, and hot coffee to give that afternoon boost.

With upbeat music playing and colorful, festive decoration on the beach wagon and AV cart, the parent volunteers drew the attention of staff and kids alike, bringing smiles to faces as staff realized this ado was to celebrate them and to thank them for the dedication they give every day. The Wildwood PGO is an all-volunteer-led nonprofit organization, formed to support community building, curriculum enrichment and equity for all children at Wildwood. You can learn more at wildwoodpgo.com.

Toni Cunningham


Toni Cunningham is a parent of two children at Wildwood who love and appreciate their teachers, Miss Thomas in third grade and Miss Lisa in kindergarten. She is also the treasurer of the Wildwood PGO.