Ellen Brout Lindsey: Charter keeps Amherst on ‘best places’ list

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Charter keeps Amherst on ‘best places’ list

As I read the Charter Commission final report that arrived in my mailbox, I found myself nodding in agreement about the proposed charter — in particular, the 13-member Town Council that would offer year-round, accountable town government.

The proposed Town Council would meet regularly, year round — as opposed to Town Meeting gathering just twice a year — and is small enough for real discussion and deliberation, not just speaking at each other. The council will be involved in shaping decisions, not just voting at the end, and councilors will have time to fully understand each issue before each vote. And, best of all, the council members will be accountable for their votes.

I came to Amherst 13 years ago from San Francisco, drawn to a thriving town that cares deeply about investing in the future and understands the importance of staying vibrant for my daughter’s generation. A new Town Council would be more responsive, nimble and proactive than our current form of government and is a huge step in the right direction to keeping Amherst on the list of the “best places to live.”

If you haven’t leafed through the final charter report yet, I urge you to do so. And please join me in voting in favor of the charter in March.

Ellen Brout Lindsey